Online security tips

When customers use the online services of Vision Accounting Services Co., Ltd. ("Vision Accounting") and its affiliates ("the Group"), please pay attention to whether there are any abnormalities in the login page, stay alert and pay attention to the displayed URL whether it is the complete website of the Group ( or If the customer suspects that there is a suspicious link or the website is trying to impersonate the website of the Group, please do not follow the instructions on the suspicious webpage or enter any information, and please close the window immediately, and then contact our customer service officer as soon as possible at +852-81133032 .

Keep your personal data properly

Please take care of your personal data. Do not use public or shared computers and/or mobile devices to submit personal data to avoid leakage of personal data.

Do not use public places or wireless networks that lack password protection (i.e."Wi-Fi") to submit personal information. It is recommended that you only use reliable networks to connect to the Internet.

When using online services, please make sure that no one is watching behind or nearby, and make sure that other people cannot see the information you enter through the screen.

Do not allow a third party to use your login information or one-time valid password for your online accounting service.

Please close other browser windows before logging in to the online accounting service. In addition, when using online accounting services, do not open other browsers and browse other websites at the same time.

Do not leave your computer and/or mobile phone before logging out of online accounting. Please log out every time you finish using online accounting services. When you use online accounting services, we will send a six-digit one-time valid password to your mobile phone number via SMS. If you did not use the online accounting service of Vision Accounting and received a valid password, please do not respond and call our customer service officer at +852-81133032.

You can use our online accounting service through our website.

Through our website, you can easily use online accounting services 7x24 hours a day, including:

Check accounting status

Customer discounts from Vision Accounting from time to time

Antivirus software and program download

Install and regularly update anti-virus software, anti-spyware, personal firewall and browser security updates to prevent your computer and/or mobile phone from being attacked by viruses or hacker software.

Do not download or open suspicious files/attachments, browse untrusted web pages, or click suspicious hyperlinks and emails to prevent hackers or computer viruses from stealing your personal data.

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